Helping Patients with Life-Altering Illnesses and Disabilities Through Music and The Arts

Artist – Maryann Anselmo

MaryAnn Anselmo, co-founder of The Bungalow knows what its like to be sad, depressed, feeling hopeless. A suicide survivor and brain cancer survivor, she’s been there and understands that everyone’s situation is unique. While continuing her treatments through Precision Medicine & Clinical Trials, she finds solace in music, theater, art.  As a jazz singer, songwriter, author and artist, she uses her expressive artistic activities to inspire others with hope and encouragement.

The core mission of The Bungalow is to help children and adults going through cancer treatments, depression and other life-altering illnesses and disabilities reduce adverse physiological and psychological health issues through the performing arts. We believe that engagement in music therapy, dance, opera, theater, visual arts and expressive writing is not only comforting, cheerful and supportive; but also promotes wellness and healing.

Through your generous support, we are able to give “Packages of Hope” to these individuals. A package would contain a variety of items including inspirational books, music and other expressive artistic items specially chosen to meet the patient’s interests and all within the genre of music therapy and the Performing Arts