Helping Cancer Patients Through Music and The Arts

Artist – Maryann Anselmo

MaryAnn Anselmo, co-founder of The Bungalow knows what cancer patients go through. A brain cancer survivor, she’s been there and understands that everyone’s situation is unique. While continuing her treatments through Precision Medicine & Clinical Trials, she finds solace in music, theater, art.  As a jazz singer, songwriter, author and artist, she uses her expressive artistic activities to inspire others with hope and encouragement.

The core mission of The Bungalow is to help cancer patients and their loved ones reduce adverse physiological and psychological health issues  through music and the arts. We believe that engagement in music, visual arts therapy, movement-based creative expression and expressive writing is not only comforting, cheerful and supportive; but also promotes wellness and healing.

Through your generous support we are able to give “Packages of Hope” to cancer patients. The packages contain a variety of items hand-picked by Maryann including music, books and other expressive artistic items such as art class enrollment, theater and ballet tickets, expressive writing classes, or items specially chosen to meet the patient’s interests.

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Finding cures and developing treatments

The search for cancer treatments and, ultimately, cures is ongoing. One promising initiative, Precision Medicine, focuses on the genetic mutation of the cancer cell, rather than the cancer’s location in the body. It targets the identification of tumor bio-markers, genetic profiling and molecular characterization. Basket Trials, as they are called, use genomic sequencing to discover the mutation and treat the cancer.

Precision Medicine shows tremendous promise for developing drug therapies and other cutting-edge scientific discoveries that could lead one day to new treatments and, hopefully, a cure. Immunotherapy, in which a patient’s own T-cells are engineered to target the cancer, is one such component of Precision Medicine.

Precision Medicine & Clinical Trials

Collaboration, innovation and application are changing science. New discoveries enhance our health, well-being and longevity.But cancer is a persistent foe; it’s the nature of the beast to find ways to circumvent and eventually outsmart the drugs designed to kill it.

Too many doctors and scientists who work at institutions in biomedical Precision Medicine initiatives are at risk of losing their funding due to federal and institutional budget cut backs. If there were more Precision Medicine clinical trials available; more lives could be improved or saved. We know firsthand that most people are not in a position to investigate or pursue the treatment. Even some doctors may not know about the research underway, or that the treatment might be available in their area. The more information there is about the trials, the more people might be able to participate – and there would be more avenues of financial assistance available for these patients.

There needs to be a commitment from the scientific, medical and patient communities.

To work together in order for precision medicine and clinical trials to give everyone “The Best Chance at Good Health”

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Cancer & Clinical Trial Patient Stories

The Bungalow Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and works to promote healing through Music and The Arts.